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Be safe online

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Are you concerned about your kids’ online safety? Do you want to teach them how to be smart and make a positive choice when engaging online? Do you want to teach them online rules but your confused how to do it?

Congratulations, you have found the right books! Be safe online is all about social networks cyber safety for kids. This book will teach your child about online communities through stories – a more positive, fun and entertaining way to teach kids about online safety!

What your child will learn from this book:

  • How to stay safe on social media 
  • Cyberbullying 
  • Effects of Addictions on the internet
  • why private life should be kept private 
  • Take permission when online shopping

Therefore, if you are feeling that the online world is creeping into everything we do, but you don’t know how to help protect your children online, this bedtime story book will entertain your child and teach him/her how to stay safe online without them even realizing.

Are you ready to help your children to understand how to stay safe online?

children privacy online

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Kids grow these days on the Internet. Although the Internet and social media can be a very useful and educational tool for children, they make them vulnerable to many risks.

Educating kids about privacy and safety online has become a new priority for parents – but many may find it difficult, especially when children seem to know more about the Internet more than their guardians.

So, how do you start the conversation about privacy online with your kids?

Of course, by delivering it in embedded stories

This may be an opportunity for parents to tell children not to share information about themselves or their families without asking for permission.

Stories for kids aged [4-6]

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There are so many things that children can stress about some of which may seem trivial to adults but feel major to the child.

Our stories designed to focus on some challenges children face in their life, these challenges will become much easier when they learn how to handle them in previous.

If the particular problem is not covered here, then perhaps you could make up your own story or encourage your child to make their own up. Children are excellent story tellers.

Bedtime stories for kids [4-6]

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, busy moms and dads don’t always have the time to focus on teaching their kids some certain Manners & values. Values are very important in parenting since they deeply influence all behaviors and attitudes and effect our decisions and relationships

But what if you don’t have to reinforce them directly to your kids?  

by embedding them in stories, these values will be received indirectly, and the more they read about it, the more likely they learn and incorporate them in their lives.