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W. Daffa, is an entrepreneur, marketer and a a non- fiction writer. With three fuzzy feline friends, Cooky, Sneaky, and Sakura, there is never a shortage of writing companions. With a master’s in computer science in security, Wafaa was inspired to write bedtime stories about staying safe online for both adults and school-aged children. An illustration designer, Wafaa, uses Photoshop and Illustrator to create the pictures to accompany those stories. On top of that, Wafaa is the author of a selection of non-fiction books on eating healthy based on a personal weight loss journey (read my story) ,as well as books on budgeting and the best apps to use for doing so. Watched out for Wafaa’s brand, Cute Owl, for more information.

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MY story

my weightloss journey and books

My story begins on the day of my son birthday, we were having fun, and he photographed me with his mobile phone and asked me to look at my picture. When I saw it I felt sad, I looked very old, my face is so full and my body gives me more than my real age, and that triggers me, how did I reach this point of weighing 98 kg?

Losing that amount of weight seemed like an impossible challenge, but really, it is not and also it does not mean it is an easy job. Therefore, I started my journey with weight loss through a lot of experiments and errors but ended up succeeding in discovering the best way to lose weight.

Also being an employee was a drain because I was trying to give priority to my health and fitness just as my priority to work. Health must come first, so setting a daily plan of physical activities is essential, and my journey has focused on periods of training, weight lifting and a healthy diet, after all, it became a routine activity in my life.

I lost 25 kilograms, kept it, and I am still losing more only by following the three basic rules included in this book.

Experts always emphasize the importance of adhering to a healthy diet continuously, so far, we do not pay attention to that process.

I found that a secret solution to weight loss lies in adhering to the three basic rules plan and stop doing a transient diet, as well as continuity and responsibility is the secret behind all.