Ways To Hack A Bad Habit: A Step By Step Guide To Eliminate Bad Habits & Earn New Ones


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Most of us have some bad habit or other that we would like to break. Odds are, you might have tried to change your habits in the past and may even have been successful for a couple of days or even weeks. Then something happened, which prompted you to go back to your old ways. Soon, a couple of incidents quickly snowballed into an unfortunate series of setbacks you didn’t recover from. Eventually, you would have given up on the idea of changing your habits because it became too much of a hassle.We have all experienced such instances in our lives at some point or the other. Well, don’t worry too much about it because, with a little effort, patience and consistency, you can quickly turn things around for yourself. In this book, you will learn about simple and practical ways in which you can break free from any bad habits. Apart from this, you will also learn about forming new habits and sticking to them.

Have A Spare Time? Simple, Fast, Easy Ways to Earn Money for Beginners

Have a spare time

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Let us turn the page and learn what it takes to earn that extra money on a regular basis so that you can try it and start to see your full potential. Do not get left behind. No matter what age you are, there are potential earnings to be had from the comfort of your own home!

There are things that you can do to earn money on the side. Some of this will be passive income, which means after you have initially set up the potential, you earn while you sleep! However, most people want to earn something more concrete and sure, and this book outlines things that you can do to earn more money.

The Best Budgeting Apps to Plan Your Month Always Have Money to Travel.

Budgeting apps

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Some people manage their money as if they were born with calculators in their hands. Others…not really. Maybe they fall prey to their own senses to spend more than they should. Possibly math just isn’t their strong suit or they find it unbearably tedious to keep track of pennies and dimes, not to mention dollars. If this sounds like you, you’re are in the right place. 
“Having a plan and creating a structure for how you spend your money will not only keep you on track with financial commitments but will also give you the liberty to spend your money on things you want, like, say, that trip to the Bahamas! 
In this book, you will find a list of the best budgeting apps, explore your own banking app, learn how to build a budget along with smart strategies to save for your goals, and always have money to travel!
“A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” ― Dave Ramsey
Picking a budgeting app is a great starting point for your monthly budget; however, it can be time consuming given the different kinds of personal finance applications available, we will help you decide which kind of app to start with.